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 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Module 


New Modules with Quick Clips For Pyromate Systems



 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Module 


45 Cue Field Module (FM-45QC)


90 spring-loaded Stainless Steel Quick Clip terminals for termination of igniters.

Gold Plated 50 pin Centronics Input connector.

Gold plated 50 pin Centronics Pass-through output connector

for connecting modules in fronts for multiple site firing.

High Density Polystyrene Weatherproof Case for the ultimate in durability.

Circuit board design for reliability.

Steering diodes on each circuit for Matrix expansion.





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 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Module 


45 cue Self Contained Digital Smart Module 

(Digital FM-45QC)

Digital processor and terminals in a single unit

90 Stainles Steel Quick Clip Terminals per module allow for 45 cues.

About 10 e-matches in series per cue depending on lead length and brand.

Each module has two XLR connectors which allow you to have multiple modules on the same wiring branch.  Each module is still independently addressable.

Input and Output are gold plated industry standard 4pin XLR connectors

32bit microprocessor receives data via the RS485 Reliable Data Protocol

Module mode switch selects Safe, Test, or Arm

Multicolor LED indicates module mode

Powered by the rechargeable batteries in the controller

Power Booster Packs available to provide additional power in the field if needed for unlimited cable runs

Industrial PolyStyrene weatherproof case.


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 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Module 


Quick Clips Discount


1-49$4.95 ea
50-99$2.95 ea
100-499 $1.79 ea
500-999$1.49 ea
1000 +above$1.19 ea
10,000 + Above$.95 ea

Solder Lug

.10 EA

These are the actual Discount prices

Quantity discount is per color

Remember These Are Stainless steel (not Tin plated Brass)

Quantity Price per color

NO additional Discount (Please don't Ask).



                  Quick-Clips U.S.A Phone 603-924-4251 Fax 603-784-5036



 Overview  Features  Specifications  Pricing  Module 

Universal 32 Cue Connection  Module with Quick Clips!

Rugged Waterproof Plastic case!


Works with any 36 pin Centronics system

Fire One, Fire Lynx, Pyro Magic,  Ace Pyro,                                   

Pyromaster, And Others.








                             Right Angle Cable Optional 




                             Quick-Clips U.S.A Phone 603-924-4251 Fax 603-784-5036